Pistachio cream | flour | paste

Discover the world of pistachios in their most delicious form in our category for pistachio cream, pistachio flour and pistachio paste. Our selection of pistachio cream offers you a velvety, rich texture and intense flavor, perfect for enhancing your desserts or as a delicious spread.

Pistachio flour, made from finely ground, high-quality pistachios, is an excellent ingredient for your baked goods, adds a unique touch to cakes and pastries and is a fantastic gluten-free alternative to conventional flours.

Our pistachio paste, a concentrated explosion of flavour, is ideal for professional patisserie creations, for flavouring your ice cream, chocolate and much more.

Each product in this category is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and genuine pistachio flavor. Immerse yourself in the world of green gold and discover the versatility of pistachios in your kitchen!

By the way, we have put together our favorite pistachio recipes for you.

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