About us

We could start now with the sentence: “Since 2003 we regularly go to Lake Garda, blah blah blah”. That’s boring. We do it a little differently and prefer to tell what we have experienced. Mostly very funny, sometimes serious. That’s just the way we are…

We are very happy to share our experiences and adventures on Garda Lake. We have experienced a lot in the last 20 years, laughed a lot, made “stupid signs (stupid stuff)”. We just want to share that with you. Enjoy our Lake Garda Experience Blog.

Katharina “Käthe

Hello dear readers,

My name is Käthe and together with my husband I have discovered the beautiful region around Lake Garda and have taken it to my heart. On this website we would like to share our personal experiences with you and invite you to take part in our exciting journey.

Lake Garda has a very special meaning for us. It is not only a place where we have experienced many unforgettable moments, but also a place that continues to inspire us and give us new energy. From the breathtaking scenery and charming little villages to the culinary delights – Lake Garda has everything to offer.

We love traveling the world, but only here do we feel at home.

Andreas “Andy”

Hello, I’m Andreas. And I love it too, Lake Garda. I could go there every week if it was only a 4-hour drive. Unfortunately, it is usually 7-8 hours. And if it weren’t for the A8, it would be quicker too. But never mind. I don’t want to whine.

For me, I guess the older the better. Whereby… that doesn’t just apply to me, right Käthe? I love being outdoors, whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, via ferrata, canyoning, SUP… I’m up for any kind of fun. Fortunately, Lake Garda is a playground for young and old.

Käthe usually plans our activities. I wonder what the result will be? Find out in our blog.

In our articles, we take you on a shared journey full of adventure and discoveries around Lake Garda. Whether on a boat trip on the lake, exploring the picturesque alleyways of the small towns or hiking through the diverse nature – we would like to bring you closer to the beauty of this unique place.

In addition to our personal experiences, we would also like to give you some practical tips. Good restaurants on the lake shore or insider tips off the beaten track – we are happy to share our secrets with you so that you too can enjoy your stay on Lake Garda to the full.

We hope that our articles will inspire you to explore Lake Garda for yourself and soak up all the wonderful impressions. Be enchanted by the beauty of nature, enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere and indulge in the culinary delights.

We hope you enjoy reading and exploring our website. Let our enthusiasm for Lake Garda infect you and start planning your own adventure in this enchanting region now.


That is why you are here. So that you get a few Garadsee “insider tips” from us. Well, if we share our secrets here with you here, then they are no longer secret. But we do it anyway. Have fun!

About us - Käthe and Andy in front of the sign "Love"


So, to finish “About us” a few more pictures. Oh yes, we are not professional photographers. We take all pictures with the
. You always have the stupid thing with you anyway. Hopefully no one from both of us comes up with such a “Handy Detox” idea. Especially not on Lake Garda.

View of Lake Garda from Cima Capi
Abandoned house Tremosine Lake Garda
Monte Brione summit cross on Lake Garda
Strada delle 52 Gallerie secured path
Aperol Spritz and cyclist on promenade in Salò Lake Garda
Tignale in the evening Lake Garda
Waterfall towards Tremalzo on Lake Garda
Bike and foot path Limone Riva on Lake Garda
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