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It’s your own fault if you don’t give it a try!

Canyoning at Lake Garda – On a summery day, our neighbor girl at Lake Garda asked if we would like to go canyoning.

Yes, why not? We have done this over 10 years ago… somewhere near Affi.

Andy and I quickly landed on our search at Skyclimber in Tremosine. Thomas offers various tours for this and we decided on the Gumpenfieber tour, suitable for children from 10 years. Since it was the first time for the teenager and her dad and we were also no longer so sure what we can trust ourselves. 😊

Rainbow over Lake Garda

The next day we started and drove to the meeting point in Tignale. Once there, Thomas (guide) and his staff introduced themselves and we then rode together in Thomas’ bus to the starting point of our tour.

Is it still possible to cancel?

Now I was already very excited and 1000 thoughts went through my head. Will I even make the climb with my condition, will I fit into this tight wetsuit, will my head close up when I have to jump into a gorge and so on… I know, it’s a great way to drive yourself crazy.

Canyoning at Lake Garda - Andy abseiling

Arrived at the finish, the wetsuits, helmets and harnesses were distributed, which we also put on directly. After that, Thomas gave us another introduction to the safety rules and then we made our way to the gorge.

Soon you find yourself in the middle of nature, surrounded by high rocks and trees. The climb is already a bit arduous, in the middle of summer with the wetsuit… I was sweating and pumping like a cockchafer.

Want to cool down?

But when we arrived at the first gump, all the effort was forgotten. Thomas first submerged us one by one in the gump so we could get used to the water temperature. When it was my turn and he pushed me completely under water, I was really out of breath so cold it was.

14 Gumpen – jump, slide or abseil?

Then it started!!! We climbed over slippery rocks and wet stones… 14 Gumpen in number, which we were allowed to overcome jumping, sliding or rappelling. The Gumpenfieber tour includes a jump from a maximum height of 7 meters.

Andy Canyoning standing in the water

At one point or another, I had to summon up all my courage, but that’s what ultimately makes the thrill. I must also not think too long when I then stand at such a precipice and jump.

For me, it is good to be in the here and now and not let my thoughts wander into the past or future. Zack, I am then already in the water and it is an exciting feeling.

Adrenaline and serotonin release without end!

Please note: Jumps are always optional (not a must) and depend on the current water level. With Thomas and his team, safety always comes first. The Skyclimber team designs the canyoning tour really well, you feel safe and in good hands at all times.

Kaethe canyoning abseil

At the end of the day, you return exhausted but happy, having collected countless memories of a great day outdoors.

So don’t hesitate and try it out – it will be one of the most fun and exciting days of your life! Skyclimber offers different tours, below you will find a selection.

Oh well – I got into the wetsuit just fine!

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