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Tibetan Bridge Lake Garda – Today we would like to tell you about a special hike that we recently undertook: A circular hike to the Tibetan Bridge, a wonderful tour for nature and hiking enthusiasts. The Ponte Tibetano in Torri del Benaco was built in 2019 and is a highlight on the eastern shore of Lake Garda.

View of Lake Garda from the east side to the west side

Tibetan bridge Gradasee – The start of our hike

Our adventure began in the small village of San Zeno di Montagna, which is known for its spectacular views of Lake Garda. We parked our car in the free parking lot on Via del Cimitero, laced up our hiking boots and set off.

The way to the bridge

First we followed trail no. 39, which starts directly in San Zeno. The route initially led us along a stony path through a dense forest, which provides good protection from the sun in midsummer. However, the landscape soon changed and the path turned into a dirt track. Here, the forest opened up and gave us a view of the glistening Lake Garda, which stretched far below us. You can simply enjoy yourself here!

As we approached Pai, we turned left (everything is well signposted). Shortly afterwards, we reached the Tibetan bridge – a highlight of our tour. The bridge, which boldly spans a deep gorge, offered thrills and a spectacular view at the same time.

After leaving the bridge behind us, we continued towards the mountain village of Crero. Before we reached the village of Crero, we kept finding various works of art along the way. Another highlight of the route was the church of San Siro di Crero. This inconspicuous but impressive church is nestled in the tranquillity of the rural surroundings.

Once we arrived in the small town, we took a well-earned coffee break in a small café. Here we were able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the village with its fantastic views.

Tibetan Bridge Lake Garda - View of the bridge

The bumpy way back to the parking lot

Strengthened and refreshed, we first followed trail no. 40 and then trail no. 41 back to San Zeno di Montagna. The way back along narrow mule tracks and stony mountain paths is a little more adventurous. These paths, which are deeply rooted in the history of the region, demanded our full attention and surefootedness.

Satisfied, tired and happy about this beautiful hike, we reached our car.

View of an inner courtyard in the mountain village of Crero

Tibetan bridge Lake Garda – our conclusion

Our circular hike from San Zeno di Montagna to the Tibet Bridge and through the mountain village of Crero was a great experience. We enjoyed the beautiful views of Lake Garda, an exciting moment on the Tibet Bridge and a leisurely break in idyllic Crero. The challenging way back along narrow paths and stony tracks rewarded us with spectacular panoramas and a varied landscape. This hike was the perfect combination of nature and adventure for us.

Tibetan Bridge Lake Garda – FAQ

Is there a GPS TRack for the hike?

Yes, we usually use Komoot or Outdooractive to plan hikes. We walked the Vista sul lago – Bergdorf Crero circuit from San Zeno di Montagna.

Is the hike suitable for children?

The bridge itself is suitable for children. However, you should have a certain head for heights. The rest of the hike was challenging in parts and is therefore only suitable for children to a limited extent.

What kind of equipment should I use for the hike?

As with every hike, we recommend that you bring sturdy shoes, rain protection (depending on the weather) and plenty to drink.

What is the parking situation at the start/finish location?

There were plenty of parking spaces in San Zeno di Montagna. We parked at the church and were the only cars in March. It is certainly a little more crowded in summer, but parking shouldn’t be a problem.

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