Spreads, créma and patè

Spreads, crémas and patés – Discover the world of spreads, crémas and patés in our online store.

Here you will find an exquisite selection that invites your palate on a tasteful journey. Our pistachio cream, with its nutty and slightly sweet note, is perfect for lovers of fine flavors.

For fans of Mediterranean flavors, we offer olive cream, which is made from carefully selected olives and guarantees an authentic taste.

Our artichoke cream is a delicacy for anyone who likes something a little heartier. It combines the fresh and slightly tart note of artichokes with a creamy texture.

Our sun-dried tomato cream is also a must for every gourmet. It impresses with its intense tomato flavor and pleasant spiciness.

Each of our products is made from high-quality ingredients and is ideal for enhancing your dishes or enjoying as a delicious spread. Browse through our selection now and find your favorite!

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