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Where can you SUP on Lake Garda?

SUP on Lake Garda Italy – How hard can Stand Up Paddling be? – I often asked myself this question during my stays on Lake Garda. Whenever my husband and I visited the lake, in addition to the boats, windsurfers and canoeists, we saw many people trying their hand at stand up paddling.

Although it looks very fun, I never really dared to try it. I just feel like something is pulling me into the water! Especially when I can’t see the ground beneath my feet, I’m not entirely comfortable! I guess I’m not the only one who’s seen a few too many horror movies!

But well, I don’t want to let a fear like that stop me and stand-up paddling looks like a lot of fun! So I did a little research on the internet and found a beginner’s course on Lake Garda. My husband and I wanted to try it out and learn about the sport before we bought stand-up paddling boards.

View of Lake Garda from Riva shore

In the process, I came across the Wind Riders site, where I first rented a SUP board and chose a course. You could easily book the course there via WhatsApp, which was really convenient! Good to know: Wind Riders offers different SUP tours.

But as soon as the course was booked, excitement and nervousness set in. Suddenly I was totally insecure. I am not necessarily the most athletic person and was very afraid of embarrassing myself in front of everyone. And as much as I love my husband Andy, he’s the kind of guy who can always do everything right away. That can be a real pain sometimes and secretly I was hoping a bit that it would fall into the water too!

We on the SUP Limone on Lake Garda

Spiaggia Tifu, pebble beach – SUP tour and SUP boards rental

But back to Stand Up Paddling. Despite my nervousness and all the thoughts running through my head, I pulled myself together and gave myself courage! Finally the day had come!

First we calmed our nerves with the sweet and delicious brioches from Volti’ – Panificio Alimentari. Then we went down to Limone by scooter.

We were a little early at the Windriders, but the team there gave us a very warm welcome and we were able to meet our nice “teacher” Sara right away. From her we also got our life jackets – life jackets are mandatory on Lake Garda – and then we were off on the water!

Kneeling on the SUPs, we paddled a bit away from the beach and then it was time to get up! Sara had explained to us exactly how to stand up and then move with the paddle.

I was surprised at myself when I stood up on somewhat shaky legs and didn’t fall right into the water!

SUP on Lake Garda is fun and easy to learn!

And when we stood on the SUP, it was: free ride! My legs were totally shaking, but I still managed to move around without falling into the water. A look at my husband also made me smile a little, because the good guy was also not much more stable on the board than me at first glance!

Once I had a feel for the SUP, I encouraged Andy to have a little race! But I was too cocky and immediately fell backwards into the water! Drifting next to the board, I first had to figure out the best way to get back up. After all, the water below me was pretty deep and I didn’t know how to elegantly swing myself back onto the board!

Kaethe SUP kneeling Lake Garda

Sara was kind enough to reach out her hand to get me back on the SUP. I didn’t make it on the first try, but then ambition got the better of me and the second time I was at least belly up on my SUP board. After that I got up again as learned and paddled on! The rest of the time I had an incredible amount of fun and felt almost like a pro (well, twice I still ended up in the water, but at 38° I didn’t mind anymore)! Unfortunately, the booked hour was over and we went back to the beach of Limone sul Garda.

The SUP at Lake Garda was a great experience and I can only recommend everyone to try it for themselves!

What are the wind conditions like on Lake Garda?

When is the best time? – For beginners, the best time is in the late morning, when the Pelèr (north wind) turns into the Ora (south wind), or in the evening, when the south wind decreases and the lake becomes calm.

Of course, if you already have experience paddling, you can go out on the lake at any time of day. Be warned, however, that wind and waves can be very exhausting.

Do not forget your life jacket!

Limone Bar Radler Snacks Lake Garda

SUP course or lesson useful?

SUP on Lake Garda – From our point of view, the course is definitely important, as my husband and I find. It’s also a great way to find out if the sport is for you before you decide to buy a Stand Up Paddling board. Clearly also to learn the correct paddling technique and thus prevent the risk of injury.

And by the way! After such an hour the muscle soreness is guaranteed, you really feel every muscle after this workout!

In the end I was so proud and happy to have tried SUP on Lake Garda and it was not the last time! A really beautiful water sport!

We had to toast to that at the beach bar Cherenguito! Salute!

The whole thing showed me once again, magic starts outside the comfort zone!

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