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New in Tremosine: bike and scooter rental BestOne

Bike and scooter rental in Tremosine: In May 2023 a new location has opened in Vesio di Tremosine, the BestOne Bicigrill. This place uniquely combines scooter and bike rental, bike service and bar.

Bicycle and scooter rental in Tremosine - BestOne

E-mountain bikes and scooters: bike and scooter rental in Tremosine redefined

Bicycle rental is often an essential part of an active vacation. Whether you love nature, are looking for adventure or just want to feel the wind in your hair – BestOne has appropriate e-mountain bikes for you.

Let’s start with the e-mountain bikes: At BestOne you can choose from state-of-the-art e-mountain bikes from Focus and jarifa. With this you can start directly to your first tour. BestOne is located directly at the parking lot for hikers of Vesio, here start for example the tours to Passo Nota, to Monte Tremalzo or also to Lake Ledro. Thanks to the electric assistance you can climb the steep hills and mountains without much effort and enjoy the wonderful view of Lake Garda. It is an ideal choice for those who want to experience the adventures of mountain biking without having to push their physical limits.
The cost is 45,- Euro per day for adults and 33,- Euro for children.

BestOne price list bike rental

In addition to e-mountain bikes, BestOne also offers Vespa scooters for rent. The scooters are a fantastic option for those who want to explore the area in a casual and laid back way. Best One offers 125cc Vespa motor scooter type Primavera. Unfortunately, these are somewhat weakly designed for 2 people. That’s why it makes sense to go it alone. The cost is 60,- Euro / day, with unlimited mileage. The price includes 2 helmets.

Bike service in Tremosine: BestOne’s bike repair shop

Surely you have all had the problem of a breakdown on your bike. For this purpose, BestOne has a professional bicycle repair shop. Whether it’s minor adjustments, urgent repairs, or extensive maintenance, BestOne’s team of experts will take care of your bike.

Thanks to this bike service you have a place to go if something breaks on your bike. We haven’t tested the bike service ourselves yet, but the workshop definitely makes a high-quality impression.

Relaxation and pleasure: the bar of BestOne

What could be better than having a cool drink or a snack after a strenuous tour? This is exactly what BestOne offers with its charming bar. Enjoy a refreshing aperitivo, a strong espresso or maybe even a cold beer – the perfect reward after an active day!

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