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Is there an age limit for this?

Blogging with over 40 and over 50? – Andy once asked me on a Sunday if we were actually too old for the whole blogging thing?

Whaaaat, I thought… what’s wrong with you!!! Surprised, I asked… Nah, what makes you think that?

How he comes up with this, he should write himself in this article. But Andy also got me thinking mightily with this question.

Spontaneously, I would say, “I just enjoy it a lot!” Sure, otherwise I wouldn’t do that… but what else is behind it?

Andy Kaethe 1 | Gardasee-inside

Once upon a time, long ago…

I think now is the time to grab a good drink and get cozy while reading.

Well, our love for Lake Garda began in 2003 when we spent our first vacation there. At that time we had to escape from everyday life, personal circumstances were very difficult, and in fact we spent a very nice time there. I think that was also the trigger why we felt and still feel so comfortable there. In the meantime we have traveled to many countries of the world, but someday we would like to spend a longer time at Lake Garda… and in retirement be mainly in Bella Italia.

How do we want to achieve this? The first hurdle is to do it at all: Starting with the new. That’s already a big step. For example, we bought a small apartment on the lake in 2014 and are very happy with this decision. Of course, this step was not easy for us, because we do not have a cash cow in the garden (by the way tongue-out). But the effort has long been worth it! We spend as much time on Lake Garda and in the surrounding area as our work allows and always have a very nice time.

Leaving the comfort zone requires courage and strength!

Work in Progress1 | Gardasee-inside

One day we had the idea to share our passion, our experiences and adventures on Lake Garda. We also spent hours on the internet before our vacation planning our activities. Maybe you can save some time on our blog and use it elsewhere.

We hope that our Lake Garda blog is an enrichment for you and maybe one or the other tip is helpful for you.

Dear Ones: If you’re about to make a change, remember: You’re never too old and it’s never too late! At some point in life, you’ve accomplished a lot and adopted a set lifestyle, but it’s never too late to try new things and leave your comfort zone.

By stepping out of the comfort zone, new skills can be learned, fears can be overcome, and personal growth can be experienced. In other words: New experiences enrich our lives!


We hope you enjoy browsing our website and would be happy if you leave a comment. Feel free to send us an email anytime, we will answer you in any case.

Blogging with Ü40 and Ü50 – Addendum by Andy

Why did I actually ask Käthe the question whether you are too old to blog in your late 40s or early 50s?

I follow a number of bloggers on Twitter, most of whom are between the ages of 20 and 40, but the 40-year-olds are more of the older crowd. One thinks then already about whether one can still acquire the whole thing? After all, building a blog involves a lot of work, you have to acquire an incredible amount of knowledge and invest time. And it’s not like we’re bored with our current lives….

That brings me back to the point: We love the challenge of trying something new and growing from it! And as long as we enjoy it, why not? 😊


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