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Punta Larici Hike – One of the most amazing views of Lake Garda gave us the so-called Punta Larici. The hike starts in the picturesque village of Pregasina and takes you up to the breathtaking viewpoint of Punta Larici in just over an hour.

Punta Larici is located in front of Monte Palaer and is separated from it by an easily recognizable saddle, Bocca Larici. Despite its altitude of less than 1000 meters (907 m), Punta Larici is a striking place. This is due to its steep eastern flank, which slopes down towards Lake Garda, and the excellent view that one has from the summit to the northeast and southwest over Lake Garda.

On the way to Punta Larici you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes and you can walk along the exposed “Senter de la Costa”. Most of the time it goes very close to the edge of the rock face, which requires surefootedness and a head for heights. But don’t worry, if you are experienced hikers, you won’t have any problems. Alternatively, you can take the much easier forest trail 422B.

Although the Punta Larici hike has become particularly popular in recent years, it has retained its charm and tranquil atmosphere. Get ready for spectacular views and a wonderful hike!

Hike Punta larici view to the south

Punta Larici Hike – How to get to the starting point

To get to the Punta Larici hike, you must first reach the village of Pregasina, near Riva del Garda. From Riva del Garda follow the SS240 road in the direction of Valle di Ledro, and after about 20 minutes you will reach Pregasina.

The drive there is already a scenic experience, as you can enjoy an impressive view of Lake Garda.

By bus to Pregasina

If you prefer public transport, there are bus connections from Riva del Garda to Pregasina. The B214 bus route runs between the two towns, stopping at various points along the way. It is advisable to check the current departure times on the website of public transport companies, as they may vary depending on the season.

Parking in Pregasina

Once in Pregasina, you can park your car in the small parking lot near the local church. Note, however, that parking is limited and it can get quite crowded during high season. We therefore recommend arriving early to be sure of finding a parking space.

In addition, the road to Pregasina is very narrow, if someone comes on the other side, it becomes exciting. You can also rent a scooter and ride it to Pregasina. Then you won’t have the parking problem or the tightness with oncoming traffic.

Church of San Giorgio Pregasina

By mountain bike to Pregasina

For the mountain bikers among you there is also the possibility to go by bike from Riva del Garda to Pregasina. The route will take you along the famous Ponale road with impressive views of Lake Garda. The climb to Pregasina is somewhat challenging, but doable even for recreational cyclists without e-drive.

Directions Punta Larici Hike

Starting point

Our hike to Punta Larici begins in the idyllic village of Pregasina, above Riva del Garda. Below the village church of St. George we find some parking facilities from where we can start our hike.


The easiest hike is of medium difficulty with a route length of 3.2 km and an ascent of 367 m and is suitable for hikers of all abilities. The circular hike over the Malga Palaer has a route length of 6.5km, with about 590 meters of altitude to overcome.

From the parking lot at the church of San Giorgio, walk along the forest road towards Calcheròle on trail number 422B. The wide forest trail winds leisurely through the wooded slopes, offering magnificent views of lower Lake Garda glistening in the sun.

At a following fork in the trail, experienced hikers who are free from giddiness have the option of taking the Senter de la Costa No. 422A, which turns left and is equipped with safety ropes. This path winds along the edge of the rock walls and offers some exposed sections that look picturesque against the backdrop of the deep blue Lake Garda. ATTENTION: Here is absolute surefootedness and appropriate hiking equipment required!

However, hikers or walkers who are less sure on their feet should continue along the wider forest trail no. 422B, which winds its way through a picturesque beech forest in numerous switchbacks.

Hiking trail Senter de la Costa

Both paths eventually lead to Punta Larici, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view. It’s no wonder that this approximately 900-meter-high rocky peak is one of the most popular hiking destinations and photo motifs on Lake Garda.

The further path of the circular hike then leads us to Malga Palaer. This is located above Punta Larici and offers a cozy hut for rest breaks (not managed) and shelter in bad weather. In addition, there is a small spring in the immediate vicinity where you can fill up your water bottle. This place captivates with its picturesque beauty and wonderful tranquility. You can find the complete tour description for the circular hike on Outdooractive.

The return of the easy tour from Punta Larici is on the same wide trail n. 422B.

Difficulty and safety

Please note that the Punta Larici hike on route 422A is rated as moderate overall. The route leads in places quite steep and close to the edge of the rock face. Therefore, you should be free from giddiness and follow some safety instructions. It is important to be extra careful and not to leave the marked path.

We cannot recommend this route for children, as there is a risk of falling. If you are traveling with your offspring, we recommend the alternative ascent via trail 422B.

Seasons and best time to travel

The best time for the Punta Larici hike is in spring, summer or autumn. Winter is rather less recommended, as snow and slippery conditions can occur at higher altitudes. In spring and autumn you can enjoy the beauty of nature, flowering plants and pleasant temperatures.

In summer, however, make sure you have enough water with you, as it can get very hot.

Surefootedness and equipment

Surefootedness is essential on this hike, especially trail 422A. as the path is narrow and demanding in places. We therefore recommend that you wear sturdy shoes and, if necessary, use hiking poles. Furthermore, you should take enough water and a suitable sunscreen to be well prepared.

The wide forest path is much easier to walk and suitable for children. However, sturdy shoes should also be worn on this route. Why are we telling this? We observed young couples during our Punta Larici hike, he with sneakers, she with flip-flops and summer dress. In summer temperatures around 30 ° may be pleasant, but for a hike in alpine terrain, this outfit is rather unsuitable wink

View Punta Larici direction north

Return to Pregasina

Once you have arrived back in Pregasina and are not too exhausted from the hike, you can take a short sightseeing tour.

Church of San Giorgio

The church of San Giorgio was built in 1694 on a small terrace above the village center and was enlarged for the first time in 1821. The marble for the Baroque main altar was carried up from Ponalehafen. In 1960, another expansion of the church took place.

The bronze main portal, which shows a relief of St. George and the coats of arms of Pope Paul VI and Trentino Archbishop Alessandro Maria Gottardi, was installed in 1969.

Statue Regina Mundi

The statue of the Madonna “Regina Mundi”, which stands near the road tunnel to the Ledro Valley, has been a prominent symbol of the village since the 1970s. It was created in 1955 by Fra Silvio Bottes, a monk from the Delle Grazie monastery in Arco, who also created the main portal of the church in Pregasina.

Originally, the statue, 5 meters high and weighing 8 tons, carved out of four blocks, was to be placed on the roof of the vacation home of the parish of Locca in the Valle di Concei. However, due to the heavy weight of the statue, this plan had to be discarded and it was placed in front of the parsonage there instead. In 1976, at the request of the inhabitants of Pregasina, the statue was moved to its present location and a year later, in 1977, it was consecrated.

Madonna Regina Mundi in Pregasina


Of course, during the Punta Larici hike, the culinary experiences must not be neglected. In Pregasina, however, there is only one restaurant worth mentioning, the Hotel Ristorante Panorama. Here you can enjoy an aperol after the hike or indulge in pasta.

Punta Larici Hike – Conclusion

The Punta Larici hike offers one of the most impressive views of Lake Garda. The hike begins in the picturesque village of Pregasina and leads to the breathtaking viewpoint of Punta Larici in just over an hour. Punta Larici is characterized by its steep eastern flank, which slopes towards Lake Garda and offers an excellent view of the lake to the northeast and southwest.

During the hike you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and walk along the exposed “Senter de la Costa”. This section requires surefootedness and a head for heights, but experienced hikers should have no problems. Alternatively, you can take the easier forest trail 422B.

Despite the increasing popularity of the Punta Larici hike in recent years, it has retained its charm and tranquil atmosphere. The best time to go on this hike is in spring, summer or autumn to enjoy the beauty of nature and pleasant temperatures.

It is important to note the route to the starting point in Pregasina. You can arrive by car, but you should be there early to find a parking space. An alternative option is to use public transportation, such as the B214 bus line from Riva del Garda to Pregasina. Mountain bikers can also use the Ponale road to reach Pregasina by bike.

The route description to Punta Larici covers a distance of 3.2 km and an ascent of 367 meters. There are two route options: the vertiginous path 422A along the rock walls or the easier forest path 422B through a picturesque beech forest. Both paths lead to the breathtaking viewpoint of Punta Larici. It is important to follow the safety instructions, especially on trail 422A, which requires surefootedness.

After the hike you can visit the church of San Giorgio in Pregasina and admire the statue “Regina Mundi”. In terms of culinary experiences, the Hotel Ristorante Panorama offers a possibility to indulge in aperitifs or pasta.

In summary, the Punta Larici hike offers spectacular views of Lake Garda, various trail options for hikers of different experience levels, and a charming atmosphere in Pregasina. However, it is important to follow the safety instructions and choose the best time to travel accordingly.

Punta Larici hike - Kaethe and Andy

FAQ – Punta Larici Hike

Is the Punta Larici hike suitable for children?

Yes, the hike is also suitable for children, as long as you choose the wide forest path 422B. The Senter de la Costa (path 422A) is not suitable for children, there is a risk of falling. For experienced hikers, however, this section of the route can be mastered without any problems.

What time is best to start the hike?

Especially in the high season July / August an early arrival is recommended. We arrived in Pregasina at 9:00 in the morning and were lucky to still get a parking space. Parking near the church is limited, more parking is available outside Pregasina. Alternatively, public transport goes to Pregasina. Of course, you can also go to the starting point by scooter or bike.

What equipment is recommended for the hike Punta Larici?

As described in our article“Where is the best place to hike on Lake Garda“, we recommend wearing hiking gear. Especially the hiking route 422A should not be underestimated! Here, a certain level of fitness and surefootedness is indispensable. The wide forest path is also easily passable with sturdy shoes, only flip-flops should be avoided.

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