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There you will find everything your heart desires

The supermarket Iper Poli Arco is our absolute favourite!

When you enter the supermarket through the glass doors, you keep to the right and go through the entrance area, which also welcomes us with many special offers! Next is the fruit and vegetable department, to the left of which there is a separate sushi area and a little further on there is also a bakery with wonderful delicacies. Not as good as the Rossi Bakery in Voltino Tremosine, of course.

The Cheese and sausage department from Poli Supermarket is also not to be scoffed at (I prefer the cheese and stand forever in front of the large selection), a counter which Lunch that will make your mouth water- At some point I would like to finally take something therebut the queue is always immensely long. Which basically means positive!!!

Exterior view supermarket Iper Poli Arco Lake Garda

Those who like meat or fish will also get their money’s worth here, and we can absolutely recommend this too. We like to barbecue when we’re on holiday, and we’ve already got ourselves one or two little things. There is also a specially marked area for gluten-free products.

Otherwise, you will find everything for your daily needs or perhaps a souvenir.

If you get or apply for the DupliCard from the supermarket Iper Poli Arco, you can also save a euro or two.

Supermarkt Poli Arco
Via S. Caterina, 78
38062 Arco (TN)

The supermarket is centrally located on the main road leading from Riva to Arco and there is ample parking.

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