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ICE from Kaiserslautern to Munich

Train trip Lake Garda – How to get to Lake Garda by train?

I have wanted to know this for a long time and now the opportunity has arisen. Andy was already at Lake Garda on business and I followed by train.

Especially the ICE trains from various German cities allow a quick journey to Munich. From there it goes with the comfortable Eurocity over the Alps directly to the lake. This allows you to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Alps from a unique perspective. Of course, only in good weather, which was unfortunately not the case on my arrival day. But I spent the time with a beautiful Garda novel.

The journey from Kaiserslautern HBF – Munich HBF took 4 hours 47 minutes.

Munich HBF Change Rovereto

We continue with the EC in the direction of Bologna Centrale. The EuroCity from Munich to Bologna runs several times a day, depending on the connection it continues to Verona or Venice. Again, everything worked out very well, changeover time of 37 minutes is easily enough for toilet break and a coffee. By the way, Venice is definitely worth a visit too, here you can find our city trip from Lake Garda to Venice.

As I mentioned, my travel weather was rather poor, but the scenery was still beautiful to look at. You could dream and doze away.

The journey from Munich HBF to Rovereto took 4 hours 43 minutes.


Small tip

I don’t like backing up at all and it can be very uncomfortable for me. 🤢 The direction of travel of the train is often marked with an arrow on the seat plan when making a reservation. However, this only applies to the 49 vehicles of the ICE 4 series.

For the train from Munich to Rovereto you can look here fernbahn.de. For example, I had seat 46 in car 262 and rode in the direction of travel until Rovereto.

Arrival Rovereto! And now?

Rovereto is the best exit station for vacationers who, like us, are staying north of the lake. From Rovereto there is a bus to Riva del Garda, travel time about 50 minutes. It is also possible to rent a car. I was picked up by my husband by car, which is the best option for me! 💑

Here you can search directly for a rental car:

My conclusion – train trip Lake Garda

By train to Italy – The trip by train from Kaiserslautern to Lake Garda was a great experience. I am still so thrilled with how easy and relaxing it all went. I saw many beautiful landscapes (despite clouds and rain) and met interesting people.

I had plenty of room to kick back, read my book, or just look out the window. The trains were clean and in good condition. The staff was always friendly and helpful.

I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants a relaxing and stress free trip. It’s a great way to enjoy the scenery without having to worry about driving. 😊

FAQ – Train trip Lake Garda

Where is the best place to buy my train tickets?

If you are planning a train trip to Lake Garda, I generally recommend buying train tickets online from Deutsche Bahn. There you will find all bookable offers, from the low-cost Sparpreis with train connection to the Flexpreis, with which you can travel flexibly. You can also find out everything about seat reservations, vouchers, BahnCard and insurance. Whether you buy your tickets online or at the ticket counter ultimately depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. If you have questions or want personal advice, buying at the counter may be a better choice. Since I hate driving backwards and am a bit sensitive, next time I will buy my ticket directly at the station. There you will probably have the possibility to reserve the seat so that you always go forward 🙂

How much does a train ride from Kaiserslautern to Rovereto cost?

The exact cost of a train trip from Kaiserslautern to Rovereto or Lake Garda depends on a number of factors, including the date and time of the trip, the class and the offer booked. I booked my ticket about 6 weeks before the trip and paid 77.90 euros for a one-way trip in first class (Super Sparpreis).

If you are looking for a cheap train trip, you should consider the Sparpreise and BahnCard discounts. These also make rail travel attractive in terms of price. With the saver fares, you can travel from Germany to Italy for as little as €39.90, while stocks last. Even short routes, such as from Munich to Rovereto, are available from €27.90. These tickets can be booked up to 6 months in advance. If you travel with your family, you can save even more: Children up to and including the age of 14 travel free of charge with a companion who is at least 15 years old.

It is advisable to regularly check the prices and offers on the railroad’s website and, above all, to book in good time. The earlier you make the booking, the cheaper the ticket.

Do I need a seat reservation?

Reserving a seat on the ICE is not absolutely necessary, but I definitely recommend it! Especially if you are planning a longer trip or traveling on a particularly busy day or at a rush hour, a seat reservation can provide you with a guaranteed seat and thus more comfort and convenience. Especially if you’re traveling in a group or with children, reserving a seat can be a good idea to make sure you can sit together. However, if you are traveling spontaneously or want to be flexible, you can also travel without a seat reservation on the ICE and look for a free seat. Note, however, that during rush hours or on busy trains, the chances of finding a free seat can be very slim.

How are the trains equipped?

Deutsche Bahn uses different types of ICE trains on its routes, which can have different equipment features. However, ICE trains are usually equipped with WLAN, power outlets at the seats, air conditioning, on-board bistro and comfortable seats.

The Eurocity from Munich to Rovereto was not quite as well equipped. Unfortunately, the WLAN did not work for me. However, there was a mobile on-board service that served drinks and snacks.

Is it possible to take a bicycle on the train to Lake Garda?

In principle, it is possible to take your own bicycle on the ICE and EC from Kaiserslautern to Rovereto. However, an additional ticket booking is required. The available seats depend on the number of cars and the occupancy rate.

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