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Destination: Cima Rocca galleries

Via Ferrata Lake Garda Cima Capi – Between high altitude and palpitations

After my husband Andy had done the Colodri via ferrata (suitable for children) with me and then also the Rio Sallagoni, I was fully hooked! You have to remember, I suffer from a bit of a fear of heights and I used to be a real chicken when it comes to trying new things.

Now I wanted to know: Can I also manage more difficult via ferrata? For my research I like to use Komoot or Outdooractive. In the process, I came across the following interesting tour:

Biacesa – Sentiero dei Bech – Via Ferrata F. Susatti – Cima Capi – Via Ferrata M. Foletti -Biacesa.

My bhttps://amzn.to/3MZVPlfesonderes goal was to explore the gallery corridors by headlamp.


Signpost via ferrata F. Susatti Cima Capi path 470 Lake Garda

According to the Internet, the hike consists of three easy via ferratas connected with hiking trails. The tour is suitable for beginners and children. Well, I thought… the pictures told me otherwise, but I thought on the reviews you can give something.

Strengthened with an espresso at
We set off from the parking lot in Biacesa at 11 o’clock in the morning of July, fully motivated and excited. We had previously rented a via ferrata set from Skyclimber, we had already bought a set from Salewa at home. So then we ran off, well armed and also equipped with enough water.

Andy looking for the via ferrata set Cima Capi Lake Garda

On the trail of the 1st World War!

The trail 470/405 is a little longer to the entrance of the via ferrata, but quite interesting. There are many old emplacements and barrel trenches from World War 1 to discover. Okay I must confess, I then provided even more thrills.

I had probably swung the newly purchased via ferrata set, which was well stowed in its bag, back and forth too much with excitement. In the process, the set slipped out of my hand, so that it rolled down the slope with “smack”.

I collapsed inside and looked at my husband and he looked after the bag in disbelief! Andy climbed down and actually found the via ferrata set. Fortunately, it got stuck on a tree trunk.

I was already afraid we would have to cancel our via ferrata Gardaseee Cima Capi…that was a bit embarrassing!

Feasible for us or mercilessly overestimated?

So it went on then nevertheless, until before us the summit of Cima Capi was visible and I spoke to Andy: “We don’t have to go up there, do we? I’m sure there’s some way around to the side…?!” My better half looked at me and said: “You there we have to go through now and turn back is not an option!” Great! surprised

After having to master another steep section with high rock steps and a narrow path, we finally reached the starting point of the Via Ferrata Fausto Susatti. I was already a little exhausted and said:
“Phew, we’ve already done that once!”
Two young men who were already sitting there, looked at me in amazement and said that it’s only really going on now!

I just thought:
“Boah you show-offs”


Looking from below to the summit Cima Capi Lake Garda

After a short snack, we put on our via ferrata sets and helmets and we were off. At first it was still quite easy and I continued to have hope that there was still an alternative way. But I was disappointed when it went almost vertically up the wall. So I talked myself into it and concentrated on what I was doing. Climbing was both on the rock, as well as with wire ropes and iron steps. But then I suddenly heard the grumbling voice of Andy. Is he cursing me right now? You have to know, he is the most patient person in the world and really puts up with any nonsense.

Andy standing summit cross Cima Capi Lake Garda

Summit Cima Capi with jelly in the legs

But yaaaaa, he was a little stressed and called after me:
“You, run right up the rock, if I had picked out such a tour….!!!”
I could not help smiling wink and climbed steadily until I finally arrived after what felt like hours on the summit of CIMA CAPI. The view was magnificent and my legs pudding! But it was worth it!

After a short breather and drink break, in the somewhat cramped space on the summit, we finally continued. The skies were closing in and we were worried if we could make the trip without getting caught in a thunderstorm. After a short hike we arrived at the Via Ferrata Mario Foletti, a relatively short climb. But for me, even this one had a certain thrill factor since I’m not 100% afraid of heights.

A narrow hiking trail finally led us to the mountain chapel of San Giovanni, here we had to decide whether to continue hiking or climbing to the Cima Rocca (war tunnel) or to make our way back to Biacesa. By now it was already 4 p.m. and the beautiful weather was unfortunately also fading, so we made our way back. We took the sometimes unpleasant steep path (460) to Biacesa.

Exciting and thrilling even without the studs!

We were very happy and inspired by this very exciting and thrilling tour for us.

I always have great respect for such tours, as we are not professionals and do not want to put ourselves in danger. That’s why I’m a little scared at first, but my courage and curiosity about new things outweighs that. Keyword: Leaving the
comfort zone

We would definitely like to do this via ferrata Lake Garda Cima Capi again, so that we can better enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Garda, the Ledro Valley and the opposite Monte Baldo massif. VERY IMPORTANT: I would definitely like to see the branching war tunnels on the Cima Rocca yet!

So next time we’ll just leave earlier and not chat so much on the way!

Small tip: The delicious cake in the
Bar Le Grotte
(Biacesa di Ledro) to enjoy.

Life begins outside the comfort zone!

Cheesecake with fruit Bar Le Grotte Villa Alma

Pictures via ferrata Cima Capi

Here are some nice impressions from our exciting and thrilling via ferrata trip Lake Garda Cima Capi

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