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The fascinating world of olive oil on Lake Garda

Visit to an oil mill on Lake Garda – Lake Garda is known not only for its picturesque landscapes and charming towns, but also for the fascinating world of olive oil. The olive oil from this region enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide for its exceptional quality and taste finesse. Therefore, we wanted to learn about the process of olive oil production and deliberately chose a small oil mill.

Introduction to the importance of olive oil on Lake Garda

Olive oil production on Lake Garda has a long tradition that dates back to ancient times. The Mediterranean climate, the sunny slopes and the fertile soils provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of olive trees. Olive oil production is an important part of the local culture and economy.

The excellent quality of olive oil from the region

The olive oil from Lake Garda is characterized by its excellent quality and unique properties. The olives are harvested by hand and cold pressed within a very short time after harvesting to preserve the valuable flavors and nutrients. Careful cultivation and gentle processing result in an olive oil of the highest quality, distinguished by its unique taste and health-promoting properties.

Tradition and history of olive oil production on Lake Garda

Olive oil production on Lake Garda has a rich tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Local farmers and producers preserve the knowledge and techniques necessary for the production of high quality olive oil. The process of harvesting the olives, pressing them and storing the oil have stood the test of time and reflect the cultural heritage of the region.

Venturelli: A traditional oil mill on Lake Garda

In our opinion, a very good oil mill on Lake Garda is Venturelli Bontà Made in Italy. The traditional oil mill has earned a first-class reputation for the production of high quality olive oil. With great care and passion, Venturelli is dedicated to preserving traditional production methods and striving for the highest quality.

Presentation Venturelli Bontà Made in Italy

The adventure of Venturelli Bontà Made in Italy in the world of food and wine began in 1970 with the wine of Nonno Francesco, made in his small cellar with grapes from the old family vineyard. Then came the olive oil, produced and sold naturally in an area like Valtenesi and Lake Garda, where the tradition of olive growing and extra virgin olive oil has been cultivated for centuries. Over the years, all possible efforts have been made to maintain the philosophy: Good food, healthy and nutritious food is good for health, in the spirit of the Mediterranean tradition.

At the end of the 90s, Venturelli Bontà Made in Italy was bought by the Chinelli family, ensuring the continuation of the company’s philosophy. Today they produce with the same passion as then the Mostolio Garda DOP, an extra virgin olive oil that is one of the best oils produced in the beautiful area of Lake Garda. Between late 2019 and early 2020, the headquarters was remodeled to open it up to guests and expand the Venturelli Experience.

Venturelli philosophy and values

Venturelli attaches great importance to quality, authenticity and tradition. The company follows a philosophy of sustainability and respect for nature and people. The use of high quality olives, harvested by hand and gently processed, is an essential part of Venturelli’s corporate values.

A visit to an oil mill on Lake Garda: a look behind the scenes at Venturelli

To plan your visit to Venturelli, you can easily make a reservation through the website. There you will find all the information you need to organize your visit. From the address to the contact details, everything can be found clearly on the website. There are three different tours, we opted for the oil mill tour including lunch with BBQ. My mouth is watering again as I write this. Yum! Book your tour in advance to make sure you get a seat.

When you arrive at Venturelli, you will receive a warm welcome. We were 20 minutes early, but that was no problem for Ezio.

Visit to an oil mill on Lake Garda and the production process at Venturelli

A visit to the Venturelli oil mill offers the opportunity to experience firsthand the fascinating world of olive oil on Lake Garda. During a guided tour of the oil mill, depending on the season, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the entire production process. From the delivery of the olives to the pressing and bottling of the olive oil, the entire process can be experienced up close. Since we were there in June, we naturally only got to know theoretical processes and machines, which was also extremely interesting. Ezio Chinelli explained the individual steps of the production process in great detail in English and you could ask questions at any time. Even if you don’t speak English that well, everything is very understandable. There are signs in Italian, English and German everywhere, so you can understand a lot.

Things to know about the different types of olive oil at Venturelli

In Venturelli different types of olive oil are produced, each with its own characteristics and flavor profiles. During the visit you have the opportunity to learn more about these varieties and taste them. We also love the naturally flavored olive oil (based on Mostolio): available in garlic, basil, hot pepper, lemon and truffle flavors!

Culinary delight in the restaurant Al Frantoio after the oil mill tour

After gaining a fascinating insight into the world of olive oil on Lake Garda at Venturelli, our culinary adventure continued at the Al Frantoio restaurant. The restaurant with its great ambiance and excellent service promised us an unforgettable lunch with olive oil tasting, good wine and a great BBQ experience.

During the olive oil tasting we could taste different varieties of the high quality olive oil from the region and discover the subtle nuances and flavors. From mild and fruity varieties to intense and spicy notes, we were able to fully enjoy the variety of olive oil. In addition to the olive oil tasting, we were also offered local wines that harmonized perfectly with the culinary delights of the Al Frantoio restaurant. The combination of delicious olive oil, fine wines and tasty cuisine made our lunch a true feast for the senses. We were particularly impressed by the BBQ experience at the Al Frantoio restaurant. The tender meat dishes were prepared with passion and skill.

The restaurant Al Frantoio offered us not only culinary delights, but also an unforgettable ambience. The warm and welcoming atmosphere made us feel comfortable and welcome right away. The view of the surrounding olive groves created an idyllic setting that made our lunch an unforgettable experience.

Conclusion: Unforgettable visit to an oil mill on Lake Garda and culinary inspiration

Visit to an oil mill on Lake Garda – The visit to Venturelli and the subsequent lunch at the Al Frantoio restaurant were a perfect combination of knowledge and pleasure. We were able to discover not only the fascinating world of olive oil, but also fully enjoy the culinary diversity of Lake Garda. The high quality olive oil, the fine wine and the delicious BBQ made our visit a true feast for the senses. For all lovers of good food and exquisite olive oil, a visit to the Al Frantoio restaurant is an absolute must.

Frantoio Venturelli
Venturelli è un brand di Crea S.r.l.
Via Nazionale, 68
25080 Raffa di Puegnago del Garda (BS)
Phone: +390365 554261
Whatsapp: +39371 3572622
E-mail: info@venturelli-italia.it

You can also find the Lake Garda olive oil online store here:

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