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Biacesa di Ledro

Bar Le Grotte | Villa Alma – A small bar at the beginning or end of the path to Chiesa S. Giovanni. You sit very quietly and in a cozy atmosphere.

After the great via ferrata Cima Capi we ate here a great cheesecake with fruits. However, we shared a piece of cake, because the prices in the bar Le Grotte Villa Alma are already very overpriced.

There is also the possibility to book different apartments. However, we cannot report anything about that, since we have not tested it. The Valle di Ledro is also a beautiful place to spend a vacation.

Bar Le Grotte – Villa Alma
Via Dei Toiane 1
Biacesa di Ledro
38067 Ledro, Italy

Cheesecake with fruit Bar Le Grotte Villa Alma
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