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Tradition meets passion

Buy Goat Cheese Lake Garda – The soft bleating of the goats, the echo of their footsteps as they all dutifully enter the barn, the scent of fresh cheese made in the early morning hours – these are the daily tunes of Azienda Agricola Natalina. This piece of land is not just a farm, it is a heritage, a piece of history that lives and breathes in Denny’s hands.

Upon entering the farm, we are greeted warmly by Denny and his mom and we go directly to the goat pen. Here you can immediately feel the passion behind this wonderful cheese. Natalina, Denny’s grandmother, once lit the fire of passion in him. Today Denny is the fourth generation to run the Azienda. The cheese he makes with dedication comes exclusively from the milk of his goats, made according to the methods of his grandmother.


Buy goat cheese Lake Garda: a unique experience

After diligently touring everything, we were treated to goat cheese by Denny’s mom. There was also delicious homemade honey and olive oil from their own trees. So if you ever find yourself in one of the villages of Tremosine and wonder where you can buy real, handmade goat cheese, Azienda Agricola Natalina is the answer. Ideal also as a souvenir from Lake Garda. Off the beaten tourist track, you can enjoy a unique taste experience here.

More than cheese: specialties Lake Garda

The goats are of the Camosciata delle Alpi breed and crossbreeds. Weather permitting (from April to November), the goats are turned out to pasture daily. From April to November, Denny’s alarm clock rings at 5 am. The morning begins with milking the goats by hand and around 7:00 a.m. they go out to pasture. Only grass and hay from their own meadows and no feed additives. Time in the pasture is a time of peace and quiet for Denny, watching the goats graze, run and play.

Insider Tip Lake Garda Hinterland

We can only warmly recommend Denny and would like to point out once again especially the warm hospitality of him and his mom. Anyone who wants to visit him and his goats should register in advance, as he is very busy: cell phone, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or email.

Natalina Azienda Agricola
via Denera 6
25010 Tremosine sul Garda
Mobile & WhatsApp +39 335 17 99 575

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