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A little walk in the afternoon!!!

Hike to Monte Bestone Tremosine

My first “afternoon walk” up Monte Bestone.

I deliberately write “afternoon walk” because that’s how my better half described it to me one afternoon in July.

We had actually bummed until noon that day, but then we did get restless and wanted to stretch our legs a bit before dinner. So Andy suggested that we could walk up Monte Bestone. That wouldn’t be so far and afterwards we’ll go to La Fenice in Vesio for dinner. Yes, that did sound good and I agreed!

At this point I would just like to emphasize again that we are not fast walkers. This is certainly due to me, because I like to stop to admire the scenery and of course I am always chattering.

Hike to Monte Bestone Tremosine - encounter with a goat

But as you can also see from the pictures, there is really a lot to see and admire… Exciting encounters with animals and always a fantastic view of Lake Garda.

We started walking from our apartment in Utecchio in the direction of Hotel Le Balze, once there we walked past the hotel parking lot and also leave behind the main building and annex of the hotel. Continuing on the road, on the right there are small houses (cottages), almost at the end of this road there is a narrow path on the left that rises next to a chain-link fence and leads into a small, light wooded area.

Hiking trail Monte Bestone view of Lake Garda

If only I had looked at the route before!

The path leads us to several elevated hills, from these vantage points we discover the lake in its beauty and Monte Baldo, majestic and proud. Will we ever get tired of this view?

Not far away, separated by a wood and a ridge, the peak of Monte Bestone opens up to us. The cross on its top and the bell next to it already show themselves to us clearly, like a visible sign of the height and peace that dwells in these mountains.


If I had known this was going to be an adventure instead of a leisurely walk, I would have filled my water bottles like a camel and taken one more granola bar.

Good to know: during the hike to Monte Bestone (Tremosine) there is no refreshment stop!!!

Don’t forget sunscreen, because on this tour you have the sunshine to yourself in summer!

Summit Monte Bestone!

We now get ready for an ascent over loose stones and gravel to the saddle in the forest. At the fork in the road we choose the wide path that climbs gently.

Shortly after, we have a choice and decide to take a narrow path that branches off steeply to the right and takes us the last meters of altitude to the top of Monte Bestone.

Peak Monte Bestone Lake Garda

The climb to the top of Monte Bestone is a bit strenuous, but the view compensates for the effort. From here you have a breathtaking view of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains.

It’s definitely worth taking a short break and enjoying the view. If thirst or hunger doesn’t plague you like it does me, that’s really very nice.

But well, after some “walks” on the Monte Bestone we can also already enjoy our break with a Prosecco, see the video in the post.

Andy return hike Monte Bestone

At first the way back was a bit bumpy

As an alternative to the ascent route, you can also choose the very steep descent from the summit. Yes, what did we do? We can be overconfident, as some of you know by now. tongue-out

But really always within a certain framework… !

I just slid down the steep path on my butt at first, but that worked out fine. After a short time we continued on foot until we were standing in the valley in the middle of a green meadow.

From there we continued leisurely and soon we came back to the road that led us past the Hotel Le Balze. Then, fortunately, it was only downhill towards Ustecchio to our apartment.

We ended the evening tired but happy with a fantastic meal and good drinks at La Fenice.

Why I was so tired and exhausted the first time, I can’t answer at all in retrospect. By now we really run this tour as a prelude hike and it is always exciting. If you take the same way back, you can still finish the hike with a cold drink in the bar at “Le Balze”.

Andy’s statement was not so wrong

With a little distance, the circular hike to Monte Bestone is really a great way to experience the beauty of nature around Lake Garda and get some exercise.

It is suitable for both experienced hikers and families with children and offers beautiful views again and again during the tour.


It’s not YOU that’s the problem, it’s your comfort zone!

Pictures hike Monte Bestone

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