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Support our blog – There is a lot of passion in our Lake Garda blog, but also a lot of work. A blog article doesn’t write itself, even in the age of AI there is a lot of manual work in every post.

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Why is it important to support our blog?

We are very happy to share our passion around Lake Garda with you. We do this work in our free time and get no money from anyone for it. Therefore, it is even more important that you support us in our work. And the best part is: it won’t cost you a cent.

What are some ways to support our blog?

There are a few ways to support our blog. Let’s start with the topic of affiliates. Many of you may not know what this is all about. In fact, we didn’t know it either until we looked into it intensively. Affiliate means partner program. That means we have signed up with various affiliate programs and get a small commission if you buy the product through our website or book a room or apartment.

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Support our blog – Book your accommodation through our website

We always give tips on our site about hotel accommodations that we have used ourselves on our trips. When we ask if the accommodation was reserved through our website, the answer is often “no”. Many do not even know that it is possible to book accommodation through our website.

Through our advice or recommendations, reservations are often made in different places. But if the reservation is not made through our blog, we will not receive any compensation for it.

Affiliate links are integrated in our posts. If you reserve or buy something through these links, we will receive a small compensation for it. If you book through these links, there are no additional costs.

So when planning your next trip, use the affiliate link to book accommodation. And not only if you want to travel to the destination I described. It would be great if you would book other trips this way as well.

This link* will take you directly to the home page to make reservations so that we can receive compensation.

Besides our cooperation with we work with Check24 and BestFeWo. The same principle applies here: If you book a vacation home through our site, we get a small commission. You don’t have to be afraid, for you nothing changes in the price, it doesn’t cost you a cent more if you take the small detour through our site when booking the vacation apartment.

Support our blog and book activities through us

The concept we follow with also applies to our affiliate links from GetYourGuide. Maybe you already know this page. We have been using GetYourGuide for many years. On our vacations, we always book tours (e.g. city tours) or tickets for special attractions through this platform.

We always refer to our experiences with GetYourGuide activities in our posts and link the activity accordingly. So if you click this link and book a tour or tickets, we’ll get a little credit for it.

A side tip: It is advisable to buy tickets in advance, especially for famous attractions. Sometimes GetYourGuide is even the last resort to be able to visit the sight of your choice on your desired date.

This link* will take you directly to the GetYourGuide homepage and if you book through it, we will benefit as well.

Shop through our site and support our blog in the process

If you plan on shopping at Amazon, it would be great if you could do so through our website. We receive a commission not only for the products we feature on our blog, but for any items you have in your cart after visiting Amazon through our site. It means for you only a short detour through our website, which takes only a few seconds.

How it works: In many of our blog posts, we recommend various products that we use ourselves. All you have to do is visit our blog and click on any Amazon product link and then store as usual. You do not have to add the product we have presented to your shopping cart.

FYI: We can only see that purchases were made from Amazon through our link, but not who ordered what. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you don’t want to search my blog posts specifically for an Amazon link, we have one for you here. Clicking on it will take you directly to the Amazon page*.

Besides Amazon, we also work with other affiliate partners. The principle is the same, the seller is just not Amazon. So if you want to support smaller providers as well, our other partners are a great alternative. By the way: We regularly write product reviews and link the products to the respective suppliers.

*These links are so-called affiliate links. If you buy or book something through this link, we get a small commission. For you nothing changes in the price. By purchasing through our site, you support our work without paying more.

Follow us on social networks to support our blog

The above advice are all options that actually give us revenue. So if you use these platforms anyway or want to book through them, we would be happy if you make the little detour via our blog before booking.

Through social media content, we present our content to a wider audience. Each shared post can potentially be seen by hundreds or thousands of people. Every time a post is liked or shared, it increases the likelihood that it will be seen by a larger audience. This will increase the visibility of our blog.

Through social media, we can get direct feedback from you on our posts. This helps us to write new posts, improve our content and better respond to your needs as readers.

Every follower helps us continue to build our brand, increase our reach, and build valuable relationships with collaborative partners.

So you support us enormously if you follow our social media channels.

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Support our blog – Conclusion

There is a lot of passion and commitment in our Lake Garda blog, which we maintain in our spare time and for which we receive no external funding. The support of you, our readers, is therefore crucial. Here are the different ways you can support us without incurring any additional costs:

Affiliate links: If you click on these links and make purchases or bookings through them, we will receive a small commission. This applies to hotel reservations, activities via GetYourGuide, purchases from Amazon as well as from other partners.

Social Media: By following, liking and sharing our posts on social media, you increase the visibility of our blog and allow us to reach a larger audience and build valuable relationships.

Through these simple actions, you can help ensure that our Lake Garda blog continues to deliver quality content and that we can share our passion with the community. Any form of support is greatly appreciated and helps our blog continue to grow and thrive.

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