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If you are visiting Verona, it is important to know where you can park your vehicle. We give you an overview of the best parking options in this historic city, which is rich in culture and full of sights.

Whether you want to explore the old town of Verona, plan a trip to the Arena di Verona or simply enjoy the city center, the right parking is crucial to making your stay a pleasant one.

Parking in Verona - Wonderful view of the city

Paid parking is a frequently used option in the heart of Verona. The SABA Arena and Parcheggio Cittadella parking garages offer you parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the main attractions such as the Arena and Piazza Bra.

We arrived in Verona in the morning, so parking in the parking garage was still relatively easy. Later in the day or at the weekend, the parking garages are quickly full and you have to put up with waiting times.

Some websites offer an overview of the current parking situation and free parking spaces in Verona, including Veronamobile and Amt3.

Parking near the attractions

If you want to explore the historic center of Verona, the SABA Arena parking lot is a good choice. It is located just 500 meters south of the famous Arena di Verona. From there, it is only a few minutes’ walk to the famous squares such as Piazza delle Erbe or Piazza dei Signori.

When we visited the Arena in Verona, we parked in the Parcheggio Interrato CITTADELLA | APCOA parking garage. From there, you can walk to the arena in just a few minutes.

How much does parking cost in the center of Verona?

SABA’s paid parking garages cost between €2 and €2.30 per hour, the daily rate (24 hours) is between €20 and €24. The Apoca parking garage charges every 20 minutes, 20 minutes cost 1 euro, the daily rate is 20 euros.

Free parking in Verona

There are actually free parking facilities in Verona. For example, you can park for free at the stadium in Verona and take the bus from there to the city center. Of course, you can also walk the distance to the arena (approx. 30 minutes on foot). Please note that parking spaces are quickly filled during events in the stadium.

Another free parking option is the Porta Palio or EATALY parking lot with 700 free parking spaces (from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

List of parking lots in Verona

You can download a complete list of paid and free parking spaces in Verona free of charge from our website. This saves you a lot of time and countless hours of research work.

Parking regulations in Verona

The parking regulations in Verona are clearly structured. Yellow markings generally indicate an absolute parking ban. Blue markings indicate parking areas that are usually limited in time, often to a maximum of two hours. In the city center there are also traffic-calmed zones (ZTL – Zona Traffico Limitato), which can only be entered with a special permit.

ZTL zone in Verona

The establishment of ZTL zones has proven to be important in order to protect historic city centers from increasing traffic and the associated emissions. Although these traffic restrictions often arouse the displeasure of tourists and are sometimes perceived as a rip-off, they are an effective means of reducing the number of cars in cities. Illegal driving in these zones will be consistently punished.

It is important to know that if you enter the ZTL without authorization several times in one day, you will be fined separately for each offence, regardless of whether you were aware of the regulation or not. Such violations can be expensive, as parking tickets are now also sent to Germany with a minimum charge of 70 euros.

The cost of Italian speeding tickets depends on how quickly payment is made. If payment is made within the first five days, the amount is reduced by 30 to 50 percent. After the fifth day, the original amount is increased by the procedural costs. If the fine is not paid within 60 days, it may be doubled.

Parking in Verona - ZTL zones. The graphic shows which areas in Verona may only be driven in with special authorization

Parking rates and payment methods

Parking fees in Verona vary depending on location and time of day. They are common in the city center and allow you to reach sights within a 10 to 15-minute walk. You can pay at the machines with both cash and card. At some locations, you can also purchase and extend parking tickets via smartphone apps.

We use our toll box from Maut1, so our parking fees are easily calculated via our monthly invoice. Please note that Telepass cannot be used in every parking garage in Verona.

Public transport and Park&Ride in Verona

In Verona there is a practical combination of Park&Ride facilities and good public transport connections. You can park your car on the outskirts of the city and take the bus to the center. The cost of a bus ticket is reasonable at between 1.50 and 2 euros.

The Park&Ride spaces are a low-cost or even free alternative and ideal for avoiding traffic jams.

Advance reservation of parking spaces

Some providers (Porta Nuova train station, Garage Italia) offer the option of reserving a parking space online in advance. This may be useful during the high season or at events. This way you can secure a parking space and get into the city stress-free.

In summary, parking in Verona is varied and offers the right option for everyone – from cheap parking to convenient parking garages near the city center. By arriving in good time, booking in advance or using Park&Ride, you can enjoy your visit to Verona without having to worry about finding a parking space.

From Lake Garda to Verona by train

If the journey by car is too strenuous, you can travel by train. From Lake Garda to Verona by train is definitely worth considering. It is easy to travel by train from both Rovereto and Desenzano.

Parking in Verona – FAQ

What parking options are there in the center of Verona?

In the center of Verona you will find several parking garages that offer a convenient way to park your vehicle. There are also a few offers that allow you to reserve a seat online and possibly even save money.

Is it possible to park for free in Verona and if so, where?

There are several options for free parking in Verona, especially outside the city center. Remember that free places are often further away and can fill up quickly.

What are your experiences with parking in Verona?

Many visitors note that parking in Verona can be challenging, especially near tourist attractions such as the historic old town and the Arena di Verona. It is therefore advisable to plan in advance and use online reservations if necessary.

Are there guarded parking lots in Verona and how much does it cost to park there?

Yes, there are guarded parking lots and the costs vary depending on the location and service provider. As a rule, the prices for parking in a guarded parking garage or in a guarded parking lot are somewhat higher than in unsecured areas.

Where can I find cheap parking spaces in the old town of Verona?

To find cheap parking in the old town of Verona, it is advisable to use parking areas slightly outside the central zone or to look for offers that offer longer parking periods at a reduced rate.

How high are the parking fees near the Verona Arena?

Parking fees near the Verona Arena can be relatively high, especially during events. As a rule, you can expect costs of around 2.20 euros per hour and around 20 euros per day.

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