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Italy toll box – Whether vacation, business trip or commuter traffic: Who is on the move in Europe with the car, is often confronted with tolls. We usually travel to Lake Garda by car and were always annoyed by the waiting times at the toll booths. Have you ever dreamed of bypassing the endless queues at Italian toll booths and finally arriving at your destination?

Italy toll box - traffic jam on the way to Italy

Buy toll box for Italy from

With the toll box for Italy from you get to your destination faster. With this innovative toll box, you can drive in reserved lanes or anywhere you see the yellow T symbol on the signs above the toll booth, bypassing annoying congestion at toll booths. Simply order your toll box here*:

*This link is a so-called affiliate link. If you buy the toll box through this link, we get a small commission. For you nothing changes in the price. By purchasing through our site, you support our work without paying more.

Italy Tollbox – Our experience

We always find it great that with the Telepass Italy toll box we can easily pass through the toll booths without having to stop. So you literally fly past the queues at the toll booths. And the best part? You don’t even have to stop at the tollgate. The Italy toll box, which you simply attach to the windshield, signals you with a beep that the toll has been paid. The toll charges are taken over by and presented monthly in a clear invoice. The perfect solution to save time and nerves!

But that’s not all. is the first German provider to offer a toll box that can be used in four countries – Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. You don’t have to worry about anything, you can just enjoy your vacation.

In addition to convenience, the toll box from offers other advantages: With the ability to work in four different countries, our tollbox saves you up to 45 minutes compared to paying manually. It also offers a very good price-performance ratio. A comparison with our previous provider follows further down in the article. Another important aspect is the environmental friendliness of our toll box: Less stop-and-go in traffic jams means less exhaust fumes.

Toll box for Italy from with descriptions

Another advantage of the toll box is parking. Many parking garages work together with Telepass, you simply drive into the parking garage and receive the bill conveniently with your monthly statement. This makes parking in Verona, for example, child’s play.

Which toll box for Italy? A comparison

Before we decided to use the toll box from Maut1, we used the box from Tolltickets. This box also worked without any problems. The costs for the toll boxes of the two providers differ, for comparison we have chosen the tariff “long-term use” at Tolltickets.

Versandkosten (einmalig)
Aktivierungsgebühr (einmalig)
Aufschlag auf Autobahngebühr
Gültigkeit Parkhäuser
Kosten bei Verlust, Diebstahl, Beschädigung
Für Fahrzeuge bis 3m Höhe
3,90 Euro
19,90 Euro
19,90 Euro
Italien, Frankreich, Spanien, Portugal, Kroatien
40,- Euro
Für Fahrzeuge bis 3m Höhe
4,50 Euro
5,- Euro
35,- Euro
35,- Euro
Ein- bis zweimal im Monat

What are you waiting for? So prepare for a relaxing vacation with the toll box from – the smart way to optimize your trip!

Italy Toll Box – FAQ

In our FAQ’s we answer the most important questions about the car toll to Italy. You have further questions? Then feel free to contact us!

For which vehicles are the toll boxes available?

The toll box is available for the following vehicles:

  • For cars and vehicles up to 3 meters high
  • For motorhomes and vehicles over 3 meters high
  • For commercial trucks with over 3m height and over 3.5t weight
MOUNTING: Where must the toll box be mounted?

Please consult the vehicle manual, the vehicle manufacturer or your garage to find out if your vehicle has a metal coating on the windshield and where there is a cutout for this coating. Vehicles often have a dotted or colored area next to the rearview mirror on the windshield.
This dotted or colored area is usually free of coating and the toll box should be placed within this dotted or colored area.
The toll box does not need to have visual contact with the toll station, but is in “radio contact” with the toll station. This “radio contact” can be disturbed or completely prevented by a metallized coating or by heating wires, which is why correct mounting is important.
For motorhomes, we recommend mounting in the center about 15 cm above the dashboard on the windshield.

ACTIVATION: Do I have to activate the toll box before starting the journey?

No, the toll box is already active when you receive it. All you have to do is install the toll box in your vehicle according to the enclosed instructions and you can start driving immediately.

CONTRACT TERM: What is the contract term?

The contract is concluded for one year and the annual fee is always paid for 12 months in advance. If you want to keep the toll box, the contract is automatically extended for another year. You can find more information on the provider’s website.

In which countries is the Telepass approved?

The Telepass, also called toll box, can be used in the following countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy. The telepass for vehicles over 3 m (motorhomes) can additionally be used in Austria.

What is the difference between the toll box and the Telepass for Italy?

There is no difference. Telepass is just a specific name for a toll box type.

The toll box for Italy also applies to ferries and parking garages. The box can be used not only for the highway toll, but also for the ferry Villa San Giovanni to Messina (from mainland Italy to Sicily) and for many Italian parking lots.

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