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Tremosine Hiking – The hike from Pieve die Tremosine to Campione is one of our favorite hikes on Lake Garda. We have walked the tour a few times and are always amazed by the breathtaking views of Lake Garda, the Monte Baldo massif and the charming villages in the area.

To find a suitable parking space, it is best to park in the public parking lot in Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, 11, 25010 Pieve BS, Italy, by the way, there is also a charging station for e-cars here. From here you can easily walk to the starting point of your hike.

To do this, walk along the road, past the 3Muzen, to the traffic circle. There you keep right (via Benveneti) and after a few meters turn left at Piazza Guglielmo Marconi into via Roma. You will then walk directly towards the Hotel Miralago, to the right of which is the ice cream parlor.

Tremosine hiking - entry to the hiking trail in Pieve

Tremosine Hiking – Descent to Campione del Garda

The actual hike starts next to the ice cream parlor Piazza Cozzaglio, 6. From the terrace behind the ice cream parlor you have a gigantic view of Lake Garda, the Monte Baldo massif and di Cima di Valdritta. The descent towards Campione is a bit hidden, you have to look carefully to discover the signpost with the trail marking 141.

There is also a warning sign stating that the trail is only suitable for experienced hikers. There is also a recommendation to wear a helmet due to the risk of falling rocks. The path winds down the slope in many narrow switchbacks right at the beginning. In exposed places, a wire rope offers protection from falling, but caution is still required on the steep path throughout.

The trail is partly rocky, partly covered with loose “boulders”, so sure-footed shoes and increased caution when walking are especially important. If you want to enjoy the breathtaking view of the steep slopes or the lake, you should stop for a moment. The path ends at a small road closed to traffic. Here was the original course of the Gardesana Occidentale. Today this section is only accessible on foot or by mountain bike.

Far above us, we catch a last glimpse of the spectacular terrace of the ice cream parlor from which our hike began. Then we keep right on the road and walk, passing cypress trees, in a southwesterly direction. Finally we reach a small climbing area. 15 routes, mainly in difficulty level 5, extend here from the road up the cliff.

After a tunnel we meet a larger road, on which we go downhill for about 200 meters. In a serpentine we continue our way straight ahead and we can escape the traffic on the former road again. A picturesque, large waterfall splashes down the slope, which we can initially only make out through a window in the tunnel wall. The romantic old road brings us to the port of Campione in about 20 minutes.

Tremosine hiking - view of Campione del Garda from the old Gardesana

Campione del Garda – An unusual place

We think Campione is a whimsical place. Somehow you feel like you’re in another world. This is perhaps due to the fact that the place can be reached only through a tunnel. Until 1930 Campione was even accessible only by water. Until 1981, a cotton weaving mill was a major employer for local residents. The water power of the San Michele torrent was used to drive the machinery of the cotton weaving mill.

Actually, the village should be completely renewed, however, nothing has been done since 2016. In the village on the rock face there is a parking garage, this is closed after a rock fall. In November 2014, about 15,000 m³ of rock came loose from the rock face. These broke through three ceilings to the lowest parking level.

Campione is especially popular with water sports enthusiasts, such as sailors, windsurfers and kitesurfers, as the place offers ideal conditions for these sports. Stand-up paddling is also possible here. In the village itself there are several restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy local specialties.
Since the second part of the hike takes us back up 300 meters in altitude, you should take advantage of the time, take a break and drink a delicious cappuccino.

Beautiful place in Campione

Tremosine Hiking – Return to Pieve di Tremosine

After a long break we continue along the shore until we reach the last row of houses and then we turn right. We cross the Torrent San Michele over a small bridge and then keep to the right to climb up again on path 110.

We quickly gain altitude via many steps that run along a downpipe. In summer, this is a sweaty affair. Along the way you can discover “bathing pools” and enjoy a cool down. After about 20 minutes you come to a small tunnel, which fortunately is illuminated. Behind it is a small basin that feeds the downspout.

Tunnel on the way back from Campione to Pieve

Only a little later you change to the north side of the small valley and continue the ascent there on partly exposed, but mostly wide path. In some sections, hikers with severe fear of heights might have difficulties, as there are no handrails. Instead, a pretty, steep path and great views of Lake Garda await us. Although the surrounding area is surrounded by lush greenery, the sun can now shine strongly on the steep wall.

In the past, workers used this path daily to get from their mountain villages to work in the cotton mill of Campione and return in the evening. Fortunately, today it is purely a hiking trail.

After a total of 45 minutes of steep climbing, especially at the beginning over numerous steps, the gorge suddenly widens. You pass by an idyllic rest area that offers a magnificent view of Monte Cas. The path now runs between olive trees and the view widens again. After a short time you reach a fork that leads you to the right on a small path into the forest. This eventually leads to a forest road, which you continue to follow in a northeasterly direction. You stroll past olive trees and continue on the plateau until you finally reach the main road that takes you back to Pieve on the right.

Tremosine hiking – Useful tips

Surface and weather

We would like to give you some information about the terrain and weather around the Pieve-Campione hike: The trails in this area are a mix of gravel, asphalt and dirt roads, which makes for variety. In dry weather, the trails are easy to walk on; however, they can become slippery when it rains.

The area around Tremosine, has a mild climate that makes for walks in pleasant temperatures. In midsummer it can get very hot in some places. The weather can change quickly in the mountains, so be prepared for sudden weather changes and rain showers. Check the weather forecast before your tour and dress appropriately.

Tour profile and difficulty

The Pieve-Campione Trail is about 8 km long and climbs about 490 meters in altitude. The walking time is given with about 3 hours, if you walk comfortably, you need also sometimes gladly 4 hours. There are several sections that require some surefootedness and adequate trekking knowledge. Here is another overview of the tour profile:


  • Trail length: approx. 8 km
  • Altitude difference: approx. 490m
  • Walking time: 3-4 hours
  • Highest point: Pieve di Tremosine
  • Lowest point: Campione del Garda

Hike from Pieve to Campione – Conclusion

If you fancy a hike with breathtaking views, adventure and a bit of sweat, then the Pieve Campione route in Tremosine on Lake Garda is for you! The route leads over steep paths with breathtaking views and even through illuminated tunnels. Along the way there are plenty of rest stops to enjoy a delicious cappuccino. Beware: the trails can sometimes be slippery and steep, and the sun can blaze down on you relentlessly. So don’t forget to wear adequate sun protection and be prepared for possible weather changes (bring appropriate clothing)!

FAQ Hike Pieve – Campione

Is the hike from Pieve to Campione suitable for children?

We clearly say NO. In some places the slope is very steep and there is a danger of falling. The route is not a problem for children or teenagers with appropriate hiking experience, but it is not recommended for inexperienced children.

Tremosine Hiking - Can you walk the tour in reverse?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. In Campione del Garda there is a large gravel parking lot, but it is not free. We always run the tour from Pieve, it has worked so well for us.

What equipment is recommended for hiking in Tremosine?

As described in our article“Where is the best place to hike on Lake Garda“, we recommend wearing hiking gear. One should not forget: The hiking route is in alpine terrain and should not be underestimated! Here, a certain level of fitness and surefootedness is indispensable.

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