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The search for the perfect fit!

Plus Size Outdoor Clothing – What does Plus Size have to do with Lake Garda Blog? Good question! Since we are very fond of sports and do a lot of hiking, biking and much more on Lake Garda, of course I need the appropriate clothing. I always find that a lot of sportswear is offered as plus size, but in my opinion is not really plus size. In March, I was looking for an outdoor jacket and found it at a vendor that supposedly offers plus size. From experience, I immediately ordered the largest women’s size in XXL and a men’s jacket in XL. What can I say, I barely got the women’s size over my upper arms and closing the jacket was not possible due to my bust size. With the men’s jacket, the sleeves hung me unlied 20 cm over the hand.

Maybe one or the other feels the same way?

Plus size outdoor clothing – my opinion!

With this post I just want to share my experience!
In a world that should celebrate the diversity of body sizes and shapes, it’s unfortunate that the selection of sports and outdoor apparel for overweight people is often limited. Being fat does not automatically mean being unathletic, and yet many of us are faced with a lack of suitable options. It’s time to address this issue and look for brands that offer quality and functional sports and outdoor clothing for people who are overweight. In this blog post, I will test some of these brands and talk about my experiences on plus size outdoor clothing.

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The challenges of the plus size community

Finding suitable sportswear for plus size people is often frustrating. Many traditional sportswear brands only offer their products in limited sizes, which results in plus size people either having to wear clothes that are too small or uncomfortable. Or whether the sizes are really realistic and not a XXXL pants, rather corresponds to a size 42. The lack of adequate choices can affect self-confidence and motivation to be active and participate in sports. In addition, some of us feel uncomfortable when others stare at us or treat us pejoratively because of our size.

My experience and recommendations for plus size outdoor clothing

After testing the products of the different brands, I will share my experiences and recommendations. I will focus on the fit, quality of materials, comfort and functionality. My goal is to provide you with honest and helpful information to assist you in choosing appropriate sportswear.

In search of solutions

Fortunately, there are some brands that have recognized the needs of the plus-size community. They offer sports and outdoor clothing in large sizes. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been on the lookout for such brands and have chosen two online stores to test.

Sheego: The label Sheego is committed to body positivity and diversity and specializes in fitted women’s fashion in large sizes. I will try a running shirt, functional shirt, running tights and trekking pants and tell you about my experience.

Yvette Sports: Another brand that does not neglect large sizes is Yvette Sports. Here you can find more sustainable sports styles and eco-friendly accessories. It offers a wide range of sports bras, leggings and tops. The assortment is not yet that large, but that will also change. I’ll be testing a Zip Sweat for running and fitness workouts and a sports bra to see if they stand up to the test.

Plus Size Outdoor Clothing – Conclusion

It’s time for the sportswear industry to take the needs of the plus-size community seriously and offer a wider selection of high-quality and functional clothing in large sizes. No one should feel uncomfortable or inadequately supported while exercising or enjoying the outdoors because of their size. By supporting brands that are committed to inclusion and diversity, we can effect change and help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be active and experience the joy of sports and outdoor activities. Together, let’s create a world where every body is welcome.

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