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A historical weapon position in the Garda area

Hike Monte Brione Lake Garda! Once a formidable line of defense because of its strategic position – today a part of the peace trail “Sentiero della Pace“.

Looking north, Monte Brione, with its particular shape, particularly catches our eye. Andy also always calls him the “bone“, why, why, why can he also no longer say or where he heard the expression?!

We parked our car in the large parking lot in Riva in Via Rovereto/Pascoli and walked from there along the water towards the port of San Nicolò. At the beginning of the Monte Brione trail we come across the information board for the Sentiero della Pace – the Peace Trail.

Info board start hike Monte Brione Lake Garda

From this point, the road goes uphill quickly, with a few steps to climb. Fortunately, the path is still relatively shady at the beginning and you quickly gain altitude. But sunscreen and
do not forget!

Ascent hike Monte Brione view of Lake Garda
Hiking Monte Brione view of Lake Garda.

A variety of plant life awaits you here

While the first half of the hike runs almost directly along the cliff of Monte Brione, there are always breathtaking views of the harbor, Lake Garda, the Monte Baldo massif and Torbole.

The wide path with partly high steps is well secured with a wire fence. It is important to stay on the path, because on the right there is a vertical descent!

After a short time we reached the first fortification. The path led directly uphill past the flat concrete roof of the Forte Garda. The plant is closed off, you are not allowed to enter the roof of the plant.

Impressive bunker complex

We always kept to the right of the path during the climb, although there were several options available. There are also always benches from which you can enjoy the view of Lake Garda.

The path continues along the edge, always uphill to the “Batteria di Mezzo” (Mountain Fortress), located approximately in the middle of the mountain. Again and again we catch a glimpse of Torbole, the Sarca River and the northern part of Lake Garda.

Batteria di Mezzo Mountain Fortress Monte Brione Lake Garda

Arriving at the mountain fortress, we were amazed. The location provides an impressive view in all directions.

If you want to visit the fortress, pay attention to the
opening hours

View of the“Sea of the Alps

After climbing a few steps to the north of the site, we reached the summit cross of Monte Brione. The highest point of the mountain is a bit further north, but unfortunately not accessible. From here you can see the transmission towers on the actual summit.

If the weather is good, you can see all the way to the southern shore of Lake Garda and we had gorgeous weather that day!

After a short break we continued towards Forte Sant’Alessandro, the former North Battery. The structure is also largely destroyed and one finds mostly only fragments. It is always exciting to come to such old locationsand yet one is glad that it is now a peaceful place.

This path will not be easy…

So we walked on and on, not paying attention to the signs as we often do… this path was very shady as it went through the forest a lot. In between you will always have a great view of the town of Arco and the Sarca Valley.

All of a sudden we came to a very rocky path that led down. At this point we took another photo and from then on we had to concentrate not to stumble or fly over the partly high stone steps. The path leads us through the woods and finally on a paved road to the village of Sant’Alessandro.

The last section of our hike was now on level ground through beautiful olive groves and vineyards. We passed the estate Colombera (dovecote) with the striking tower, today you will find there a hotel with restaurant. It continued through the village until back to the port.

Descent circuit Monte Brione, very stony
Bialetti coffee vacation apartment Tremosine Lake Garda

And already came the next idea!

Again on Arrived at the port of San Nicolò, we walked along the seafront back to the parking lot. On the water was very busy, mostly People on the
Stand-up paddle
. I thought to myself, I want to try this too and wondered if I could. innocent

Whether this was the official circular route in the end, we can’t answer at all, but it was once again a beautiful hike.

at home
arrived, there was first a delicious
Bialetti coffee
with and also from here we have a fantastic view of the Lago. There laughs the heart! 🙂

Small tip: For parking we use the
EasyPark app
which works in Germany and in over 2,200 cities in Europe.

If the way is beautiful, let us not ask where it leads! – Anatole France –

Circuit Monte Brione Lake Garda

Maybe the pictures will make you want to do this hike too!

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