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Lake Garda 2024 – 10 exciting activities for unforgettable experiences

What can you do on Lake Garda? This question is easy to answer. Lake Garda is THE vacation destination in northern Italy and offers a wide range of activities and attractions for every taste.

There are many great things to do at Lago. It does not matter whether you want to be active in sports or just want to spend your vacation in peace and relaxed. There are the classic destinations that you should have seen on Lake Garda. These include the towns of Riva del Garda, Malcesine, Limone sul Garda, Garda, Bardolino, the Isola del Garda, the waterfall in Varone, the Punta San Vigilio or Sirmione.

Especially in the high season in summer, these hotspots are very well visited, sometimes even overcrowded. Parking is then a challenge and pushing your way through the crowds is not everyone’s cup of tea either.

What can you do on Lake Garda without being overwhelmed by mass tourism? Our top 10 tips for staying on Lake Garda are places to go and things to do that aren’t just limited to the hotspots.

Monte Baldo with the Prada Costabella cable car

Monte Baldo is the highest mountain range in the area and offers breathtaking views of Lake Garda. The Prada Costabella cable car will take you comfortably to the top, where you can enjoy the magnificent view during the entire ascent.

The Prada Costabella cable car is a great alternative to the well-known ascent by gondola from Malcesine.

Great view of the Lago and the standing baskets of the cable car Prada Costabella

Madonna di Montecastello Tignale

This historic sanctuary is located on a rock overlooking Lake Garda and is a great place to visit. You have a picturesque view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Montecastello is easily accessible by car or scooter. Around Tignale there are also some walks that can be combined with the Castello.

What can you do on Lake Garda? Picture of the entrance Montecastello in Tignale

Do not forget to drink

Remember to take enough to drink with you on your excursions. We can recommend the following water bottles, which are super suitable for hiking, mountain biking, etc.. The drinking bottles have no inherent taste and are top processed. Alternatively, we can recommend the water bottle with water filter.

Rent a motorboat

A great way to explore Lake Garda is by motorboat. You can rent a boat in various places in the southern part of the lake (from Limone downwards) and sail along the coast. The great thing is: you don’t need a driver’s license to drive a motorboat on Lake Garda.

With 40 hp under your butt, boating is also really fun. There are, of course, a few limitations to keep in mind. Prices for renting start at about 50,- Euro for half an hour (e.g. in the new harbor of Limone at Limone Rent Boat).

Motorboat on Lake Garda

Cooking Experience – Let us cook for you privately on Lake Garda

For a special experience on Lake Garda, various culinary experiences are available, led by local chefs. How about a traditional cooking course in Desenzano del Garda, for example? This 3-hour course for a maximum of 8 people includes the preparation of two pasta recipes and tiramisù, followed by an Italian aperitivo and lunch or dinner with the prepared dishes.

Alternatively, there is the option of booking a “Dining Experience” in the home of an Italian woman on Lake Garda. This experience includes a private show cooking session where participants assist the Cesarina in preparing a meal and learn the secrets of regional recipes. For example, you can book a 4-course menu with starter, pasta, main course with side dish and dessert, including drinks. The event lasts about 3 hours in total.

Cooking Experience on Lake Garda - table with various home-cooked dishes

Self guided scooter tour

A scooter tour is a fun and exciting way to explore the surroundings of Lake Garda.

DGtalguide offers self-guided tours (e.g. Four Lakes Tour, Lake Garda-Borghetto) where you can ride a scooter (or motorcycle) through picturesque villages and along the coast.

The partner of DGtalguide is Motoragazzi, there you can rent an original Vespa scooter.

The great thing about self-guided tours is that you get to places that are hard to get to by car.

Four Lakes Tour Motoragazzi Riva Lake Garda

Hike to Monte Bestone

Monte Bestone, with an altitude of 910 meters, is a hidden jewel when it comes to panoramic tours on Lake Garda. The hike starts from the Hotel Le Balze in Voltino. There you can easily park and right next to the two tennis courts begins the narrow hiking trail that leads you in a northerly direction to Monte Bestone.

The hike is not particularly difficult and offers breathtaking views of Lake Garda and the Monte Baldo massif opposite.

Peak Monte Bestone Lake Garda

GPS tour planning

We recommend Outdooractive for tour planning. In the Pro version you get detailed outdoor maps with trail networks for hiking, biking and mountain biking. You can also save maps and tours offline in the app, as well as create unlimited custom lists and collections.

cshow | Gardasee-inside

Excursion to Lake Ledro

Just a short drive from Lake Garda is the picturesque Lake Ledro. The smaller, quieter lake is a popular destination for swimming, hiking and mountain biking.

Another highlight at Lake Ledro are the pile dwellings. These are an important testimony of prehistoric culture in the Alpine region and provide valuable information about daily life, craftsmanship and environmental conditions in that period. Finds such as pottery, tools, weapons and organic materials such as wood, textiles and food remains have been discovered during the excavations.

Near the excavation site is the Lake Dwelling Museum (Museo delle Palafitte del Lago di Ledro), which presents the history and culture of the lake dwellings on Lake Ledro and offers visitors an insight into the life of people in the Bronze Age.

Lake Ledro pile dwelling

Canyoning Tour

Why not venture out on a canyoning tour in an impressive gorge on Lake Garda? Canyoning is an exciting outdoor activity that involves canyoning, rappelling, climbing, swimming and sometimes even jumping.

On Lake Garda there are several canyoning tours suitable for both beginners and experienced adventurers.

We have had positive experiences with Skyclimber and Outdoorplanet. Other providers are Trentino Climb Canyoning and Mmove.

Kaethe canyoning abseil

Stand Up Paddling

How about some water sports? Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a water sport where you stand on a special surfboard called a Stand Up Paddle Board and move around with a long paddle.

SUP is a full body workout that strengthens the core muscles, legs, arms, shoulders and back. It also improves balance, coordination and endurance. Because it is a sport that is easy on the joints, SUP is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. In addition, SUP is environmentally friendly because it does not require a motor.

SUP hire Lake Garda

Around Lake Garda there are many providers where you can rent a SUP or also attend courses.

We on the SUP Limone on Lake Garda

In the footsteps of James Bond – ride through the Brasa Gorge (Strada della Forra)

The Brasa Gorge is a breathtaking natural formation on Lake Garda, crossed by a narrow road. The road that runs along the small stream Brasa from Tremosine to Lake Garda, appearing in places as if glued to the rocks, is also known as Strada della Forra.

Without question, this narrow little road is one of the ten most impressive roads in the world. This was even noted by Winston Churchill, who dubbed the road “the eighth wonder of the world”.

Please note that from April to November, between 10:00 and 19:00, the road may only be used in one direction (coming up from Gardesana).

In the footsteps of James Bond - Strada della Forra

What can you do on Lake Garda? – Conclusion

So if you want to know what you can do on Lake Garda without being overwhelmed by crowds, these top 10 tips are for you:


  1. Monte Baldo: Let the Prada Costabella cable car take you to the top and enjoy the magnificent view.
  2. Madonna di Montecastello Tignale: Visit this historic shrine for picturesque views of the lake.
  3. Rent a motorboat: explore the lake in a sleek boat (no license required).
  4. Cooking Experience: Attend a cooking class or let local people cook for you!
  5. Self-guided scooter tour: explore picturesque villages on a Vespa scooter.
  6. Monte Bestone: Hike to the hidden jewel for breathtaking panoramic tours.
  7. Lake Ledro: Discover the smaller, calmer lake and its prehistoric pile dwellings.
  8. Canyoning tour: plunge into an exciting gorge on Lake Garda and become an adventurer.
  9. Stand Up Paddling: Strengthen your body and mind with eco-friendly SUP.
  10. Brasa Gorge (Strada della Forra): Follow in the footsteps of James Bond through the breathtaking gorge.
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